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Need a website? Free SymbolStone CMS will create your website easily! With this CMS you will get not just a website, and managed the website.
SymbolStone CMS is a multi-user news cursor is intended to organize their own blogs and media on the Internet. Thanks to the powerful system of publication, tuning and editing of news, the engine a step further ahead of its nearest competitor.
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Currently SymbolStone CMS is in the final stages of development.

SymbolStone CMS-is a highly efficient structure based on the component content management system for the development of large-scale Web sites. It allows maximum reusability of code and can significantly accelerate the process of web development. The process is tested on InMotion Hosting, more about the web host in this InMotion Hosting review.

The basic concepts, which operates the content management system SymbolStone CMS, is a site section and block. What is the site here will not write, since you went here, to view the sites certainly have.

In terms of visitor site consists of pages, but in terms of system administrator site consists of sections. The system allows you to create partitions, delete them and create them from the tree structure of the site. Contents and the title used by the system to generate the page or pages. The section is not a page of the site.

Content Management System allows you to build a page that includes the content of several sections, and a page containing only the content of the topic. A typical example of the first case is the front page of the site where there are areas in which the content is removed the root partition, a section of news, announcements section and another section of the text.

The system can be divided, the contents of which have never been displayed on the page. The system supports multiple types of partitions that implement different functionality.

Sections, in turn, consist of blocks. The block is a data element, which operates the site administrator in the process of filling and editing and content management system in the process of pages. The system supports several types of blocks. Sections of different types may contain different blocks. Some sections do not contain blocks. In most cases work with blocks to avoid working with the form. The Administrator will only work with content in text form. Making blocks, their appearance and style templates are regulated site.

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