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EZMLM link exchange tool powered by Yii framework

There is many link exchange tools and sites that was build years ago and became rusty over the years, never the less developers of software never stopped improving. Young team of web developers and SEO analytics created new amazing tool that never being easier to exchange links and articles and keep the track of exchange, the best part of it that it is build on one of the first CMS powered by Yii framework that soon will be available free for users in trial mode and will be presented on our site. Further more about features on the subject:

Link exchange is a method of increasing your search engine ranking, by linking to other websites. It is based on the method that search engines used to use to rank websites according to popularity. In this article we will walk you through the types of link exchange, the advantages and disadvantages of link exchange, how to get the most out of it and some alternative methods of direct link exchange that you can implement to use links to your search engine advantage.

We will also mention things to consider when using link exchanges, and what an ideal link exchange system will entail and we will also give you a few good sites to use when you are looking for a system to use. Although it can seem like a murky world to get into, there are many advantages of link exchange if you use them correctly. So, read on, and learn how to take advantage of the oldest tool in the internet marketer’s handbook!

Since the invention of serious internet marketing, link exchanges have been popular. That is one of the main reasons you should be using link exchanges, they are a tried and tested method of increasing your search engine placement in results, getting more traffic and making your site more popular.

They also have lots of uses, from simply increasing your ranking in results, to allowing an increase in affiliate sales they can be implemented across a huge range of websites, niches and site sizes. They are a fundamental part of the internet and you will find that they will be useful for your site.

Finally, you should use link exchanges, because they are completely within the search engine guidelines, as long as they are done correctly. We will explain this in more detail later on, but as long as the website is using a three way link exchange, you will not be punished by any search engine for not complying with their terms and conditions.

However, there are some reasons you may be wary of using link exchanges. Be aware that misusing them is the issue – not using them correctly. If you use link exchanges that are not reputable and use black hat techniques, your site will probably be punished for misuse.

Your site can experience a huge drop in rankings in results if you use black hat techniques – but remember this is the same for all search engine optimisation methods, not just for link exchanges. Stick to what we tell you and you will not fall foul. It is the people who misuse the system that will be punished.

You also should not be using link exchange systems if you are looking for them to create a readership and long term growth. While link exchanges are great for getting your system out there, getting known and building a traffic stream, you should not be relying on them to replace having good quality content on your site.

For many people, and probably you reading this article, you may be concerned as to what search engines actually say on the matter. Search engines have rules against two way link exchanges; this is where two sites directly swap links with each other. What search engines do not mind however is multi way (typically three way), link exchange, this is where a group of sites all link to only one other site, and receive a link back from only one site. Imagine a triangle, where each corner is a new site, and each side is a link exchange. You can add in as many sites (corners) as you like, but as long as there is only one link between them all you are still within the terms of use.

All search engines have their terms of use for webmasters online, a quick search will link you to their specific rules and you can check it out for yourself.

If you have been doing your research, or just read this article, you will know that the three way link exchange is the ideal type of link exchange to go for. Why? Simply put, it is within the terms of the search engine guidelines, but at the same time allows for enough websites connecting together to make networking useful.

This is the most common type of exchange used by link exchange systems, and for anyone considering using this as a method of search engine optimisation, you must, must, make sure that this is the type your network is using otherwise you will risk having your rankings downgraded by search engines for using black hat techniques.
The three way link exchange is also the most practical method of link exchanging, as it means that the central operating system can easily check to make sure that everyone is linking as they should.

When you are looking for a link exchange system to use, you will see that they offer several different methods of embedding your link into partner’s pages. But which method is best? What are the pros and cons of each one?
The simplest is the embedded text link, it is not always visible (hidden in invisible colours for example), or it may be a visible part of the content. This is the easiest for gaining traffic from if it is embedded in content, as people who are interested are likely to click it straight away. However, if it is a hidden link, it is only good for increasing your search engine rankings.

The second is the banner exchange system, which while have a lower general click through rate, they offer a more consistent impact of both your traffic and your ratings. However, consider the visual impact on your site and the fact they look like advertising, which viewers are less likely to click on.

What would the best link exchange system consist of? It is an easy question from a webmaster’s perspective, but for people new to the internet marketing scene, explaining the best characteristics will help you judge schemes you might consider joining. Two important features are the basis of every decent link exchange network.

The first thing you should look for, is that the scheme has a method of tracing whether links are being placed back to you, and whether they are still in place. Now we have explained the power of links, you can see why people might try to trick webmasters into only giving them links, but never reciprocating the deal. Most systems will run code in the links they give you, and if another webmaster is not reciprocating links they will scan through the code, notice this inconsistency and punish the offending website (usually removing it from the network).

Another feature, is a guarantee that you will only link in a minimum of a three way link exchange, this is perhaps the most important feature to look out for, as not having this in place will have irreparable impacts on your rankings.
To get the most out of a link exchange system, you should identify what the strengths of it are, and how to apply it to your site. You should see it as a foundation to build on, as opposed to a strategy for the long term.

Try and use link exchange systems in your niche, this way you will be more popular with search engines as you will be associated with certain keywords related to your niche. You will also find that you see an increase in your visitor numbers, as they will see you as site they want to visit, rather than brash advertising.

You should use link exchanges to get a flow of traffic to your site, but you want to be associated with certain keywords, so make sure you are getting text links that contain the words you want. This will help you build traffic growth that is relevant to you, rather than generic traffic.

The best way to use link exchanges is as a foundation for growth. Do not just get the links sent to your homepage; send them to your most popular blog posts, something that they can link on to through social media.

Before jumping into link exchanges, make sure you consider the implications of page rank on your link exchange tactics. Link exchange can be used to increase your page rank, if done correctly. You will need to spread the page rank love, do not expect something for nothing!

Ideally, you want to be linking with someone who has a page rank above yours (so that you get positive page rank benefits), but also someone who has a page rank one below yours (so that they also get some benefit). This was one of the main problems with link exchanges however, and you need to be aware that many people got too greedy with the benefits they expected. You need to be patient and understand that this is a short term fix, and good content is the ideal solution for a page rank boost.

While direct link exchanges are good, direct method of achieving links, in the new age of internet marketing you will want to consider the other ways of building links, particularly using social media and using community based sites.
This is a great way to build links, as it combines the best of both worlds – you get the links that boost your search engine results rankings, but you also get the real visitors who visit through the links and view the content.
You will also be using large sites to link from, so you will be given an extra boost as the search engines will recognise these links, however the effect is somewhat minimised by the fact that there will be a large number of outbound links on the site, so search engines will detect they are social media sites.

Paid for banners are a great alternative to link exchanges, although they have the disadvantage of the slightly steeper price tag! However, you get all the benefits of the link exchange, with no disadvantages, you do not have to link back to anyone, so all your links are one way, and you can buy ads according to page rank, and you know exactly who is linking to you! Consider them half a link exchange system, only with one way links.

There are lots of sites that allow you to buy ad space on websites, but if there is a website you really want to advertise with most will be very happy to talk to you directly, just send the webmaster a direct email and outline what you want. You should also request the site’s statistics (traffic, click through rates etc.) so you can judge how much the site is worth to advertise on.

Message boards and blogs are a great way to get your site out there and build links and traffic to it.
Message boards have a great click through rate on links usually, and you will see a definite spike in internet traffic through them. Make sure you post in ones relevant to your niche however.

Blogs have the advantage of having great social media behind them, and your website will be indexed very quickly when linked to by a blog. You can offer to guest post, or buy reviews of your site to kick start your blogging link backs.
Now you know a lot more about link exchange systems, you are probably keen to know the best ones to use to get your site out there. In our opinion, you should check out EZMLM Link Exchange Tool, which has all the features we discussed earlier that the ideal link exchange system should have. So, check it out, it is a free site, and has a strong system behind it that guarantees you will be staying within the rules of the search engines and you will only experience positive things from your involvement with the site.

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