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Search engine optimization - is working to raise the position of the site in search engines for some users' requests. According to statistics, the transitions to the site are made mostly from search engines. You do not need proof, just imagine: you need some information, where you go? Of course on Google!

When the search engine will give you the sites at your request, you will begin to look for the appropriate resource from the top down, starting from the first page. This is logical, as is often the first five links, and have what you need. You do not climb on the one hundredth page, which means that all the resources that occupy the lowest position in the search, will be left without your attention.

In order to increase rankings in search engines, conduct work on optimization for search engine. The work is internal and external. External work - it is advertising the site on other sites. Carried out in different ways. It is possible, so to speak, "head", ie just buy a place on some sites and let them advertise.

You can do a little trickier: to agree with the other owner of the site and exchange links - it puts your to your page, you put it on your link, and do not necessarily make it as advertising. Advertising familiar, it is annoying to some users, therefore, on the banner and contextual advertising attention is usually drawn little. Sometimes a person needs 100 times to see the same banner that he ever clicked on it. But the recommendations on websites like: "Here is another interesting resource on this subject," there are a lot of people on the positive and the desire to cause them to press.

Domestic work. Since the search sites are issued at the request of links, sorted by relevance (the extent to which the request and found how often and in what form found on page query entered by the user), the content of keywords on your site directly affects the position in the search. Optimizers edit content (content) of the site, adding a key word, HTML-code (including working with the tagged text selection), and the whole site structure (headers, links, etc.), are implementing page caching (to reduce load on the server .)

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