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Technical support script available only to users with a license includes technical support. Users who have only basic license, may, where necessary, purchase additional subscriptions to technical support.

Support services include the script:

1. When you pay a subscription to technical support you get to receive priority response to questions you may have, whether it be setting up the script, or why you are flying or that an error is questions asked by users for the first time confronted with the script and did not know all the nuances of the script. The competence of the support is only for direct aid only crashes the script, if the cause of incorrect operation of the script was your template does not meet the requirements of the script, then the support you may be denied.

2. Also you get a one-time opportunity to install the script on your server.

3. You will receive consultancy support to work with the structure of the script, for example, you have the desire to add small changes to the script for more convenient work for you, you can save time on finding the right piece of code just ask us. You will be given advice where and in what file is this or that script code. (Please note, we do not write additional modules for you, but only help you better understand the structure of the script, so always ask essential questions, questions like "how do I make such a chip" can be ignored by customer support)

4. Another frequent problem is the possibility of incorrect update script, for example during the update failed server, part of the new data was entered into the database and configuration, some not, eventually you get a non-working script with all its consequences. In this case, you will be held manual correction of the damaged database structure.

5. Detection and diagnosis of problems directly related to the job script. Technical Support will help you identify the causes of any improper execution of the script. In this case, note that technical support diagnose the problem and fix it, only if the problem relates to the script SymbolStone CMS. If the cause of the problem lies in the configuration of your server or server configuration, you need to fix the server, you need to contact your hosting provider. We can not configure and set up your servers. Your web hosting provider must be reliable and have great customer support.

All any other matters that are not described in these paragraphs do not relate to the competence of the technical support SymbolStone CMS, and these questions remain unanswered by the Technical Support SymbolStone CMS. We will not impose order on the template, and are not looking for errors in the layout of your template. Technical Support provides assistance only on matters directly relating to the PHP script SymbolStone CMS. Also, in case you are not subscribed to the service of technical support, your questions can be ignored and unanswered.

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